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Teachers need to be literate in the field of basic video editing. This presentation makes an attempt at creating a starting-point for teachers who are interested in discovering how video editing can be used to create teacher materials.



What's easier than built-in? In this area, the answer is actually "a lot of things." However, given that many school districts and businesses can be restrictive about what can and cannot be installed, sometimes "built-in" is a necessity. That doesn't mean you shouldn't make the most of what's available, though.

Apple iMovie

This is a powerful program built-in to Apple computers, phones, and tablet devices. This is a streamlined program that makes the process of video editing and sharing very easy and intuitive. It should be already installed on your Macbook, iMac, iPhone, or iPad, but you can download here as well as find tutorials and other information direct from Apple

Windows Movie Maker

Be forewarned, this product is currently on it's way out. It did not come automatically on Windows 10, so users may need to download it as part of the "Windows Essentials Software Bundle here. While Microsoft has hinted that there will be something to replace this software, it has not been announced yet.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint MIX

This is certainly not built-in to your Window's operating system, but many people already have purchased or have access to Microsoft Office 365. With the newest edition of Microsoft Office's Powerpoint is the "MIX" add in. This software is not video editing software, but it will allow you to easily enhance a presentation by allowing you to add videos and record narration and then share as a video file. You can download this add-in here. At the very least, this program add-in is extremely useful for educators who are trying to "flip" their classroom instruction.​ Create powerpoints, insert images, videos, and data, and then record your presentation. Finally just export to a video you can share.

  • Download Add-in for PowerPoint

  • Tutorials are built-in to PowerPoint


While I would love to claim originality here, one of the best lists of available software can be found in this article from Hubspot. I've selected some of my favorite options to feature below. I chose the following based on their cross-platform compatibility, advanced features, and ease-of-use. Note: the free versions of these do have some limitations/watermarks for final products.

We Video

When I first saw this, I was blown away. Given my experience with video editing software, I thought it seemed completely impractical to have "cloud-based" video editing software, but as long as you have a reliable internet connection, this works beautifully. It also works seamlessly with Google Drive. Note that the free account is limited to just 5-minutes per month, but there are some affordable subscription options as well. 

  • Access

  • Tutorials are provided within the website for each step.

Wondershare's Filmora

While this is not free anymore, you can download a free trial. This is a highly-reviewed and simple video editing software.


Apple Final Cut Pro X

For those of you who have Macbooks or iMacs, this is your full-professional software. It will cost you approximately $300, but the features are well-worth it if you will be doing video editing on a full-time basis. These are for advanced users.

Adobe Premiere

This software is available for Mac or PC, but can be quite expensive, depending on the Adobe package you choose. This is also for very advanced video editing users.


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